Life Studies

latex, aluminum, electronics, paint
10’ x 10’ x 13’

Parsons Design and Technology Thesis Show
May, 2023

Each of the sculptures in Life Studies represents an exploration into what it looks like to be alive. Focusing on the subtleties of pulsing blood and moving breath, these sculptures investigate what happens when attributes of living bodies are reflected by the non-living. In the words of art historian Maria Hansen, "life's appearance rests on an embodied exposure of inner motion."

Taken together - quite literally in this case - these three sculptures are a cumulative snapshot of my practice over the past two years. Throughout this time I have been fascinated by a two-part question: How should we judge the validity of our intuitive understanding of aliveness and our similarly intuitive categorization of the natural world? And what merit should these distinctions hold when they are, now, easily wrong?