March, 2020 - March, 2021

VentMon is a project started by the non profit, Public Invention, as a response to the growing Open Source movement to design cheaper, more accessible ventilators during the COVID-19 pandemic. VentMon aims to provide community based teams with accurate and sophisticated sensor data necessary for building reliable and safe ventilators. By providing these teams with high quality metrics, VentMon improves the accuracy and efficiency of the design cycle while relieving the need for expensive, proprietary testing equipment. Over twenty VentMons have been shipped to teams world-wide since April, 2020. The fourth iteration of the design is underway.

The team recently published a paper in HardwareX detailing their work.

Lauria has contributed to the development and implementation of the electrical design and firmware.

Lauria's VentMon overview presentation delivered at the annual Public Invention conference.

The device has gone through three iterations and a fourth is underway. For the current state of development see the project's GitHub repository.